All Black Everything

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Black is always a good idea

“I own too much black” – Said No One EVER!

This is definitely a quote that hits home for most women in the world. Black is a colour that is associated with power, elegance, and mystery. And for all of us who want to look thin =P

Believe it or not, this was the first piece of clothing that Shefali Pearson – House of Design ever produced. It was a moment of pride and disbelief for all of us here that all our pouring over designs and running behind a hundred people for a different million things could actually be tangible and fruitful.

The black maxi top is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing I own. It’s length lends it an airy, flowy feel and the centre slit which is the highlight when I was designing it; gives it the touch of a more modern and liberal look. This look is perfect for the fall as the weather adds a certain chill to it.

Befitting any occasion, whether it is out and about with friends or even a dressier affair it’s all about the styling. I’ve styled it with black leggings and golden Steve Madden stilettos and worn it for a formal party. I’ve also dressed it down with blue or white jeans and sneakers and gone grocery shopping. Make-up and accessories can elevate this outfit to look brand new every single time you wear it. Mix and match bold prints/hues and try different trends to settle into your best fit.

The best part about maxi tops are the length lets you feel like you run the world. At least that’s what I pictured when I designed it. Ready to take on the world in your stride.

You can place your orders for this by e-mailing us at

As we welcome the second part of the year, wishing all of you the best of Fall/Winter. Time to make some hot chocolate! Love always xx


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Women who wear black lead colourful lives

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