Check Mate!

As most people know, my style choices usually include solid block colours or very rarely – prints! It’s not that I don’t think prints are great, I’ve just always been somewhat of a monochrome loving person. So when I decided to create this outfit, I took one of my fail-safe and most-loved prints and combined it with a fashion style I embrace wholeheartedly. Gingham Co-ords!

Let me tell you a little bit more about Gingham. The Gingham print is a type of checkered pattern that is distinguished by what are typically white and coloured even sized checks.  This pattern is formed by horizontal and vertical stripes, typically of the same color, that cross each other on a white background to form a checkered design.

Gingham was introduced in the mid 18th century, with blue and white being the most popular choice of colours at that time.  Today, gingham print comes in all sorts of colours. Gingham checks are versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings, both formal and casual.

Co-ords in fashion as we all know as two-piece outfits which are matching. So I designed a Gingham co-ord which consists of a crop top and shorts. They are super super comfy and I wore it for a lunch with my friend and shopping after. I decided to pair it with my Stan Smiths as I did a lot of walking and the white really stood out with the outfit.

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What I loved most about the crop top is that most crops I wear have deep necklines or are sleeveless. I wanted this to have a bit of a collared look and half sleeves. This works well when you want to just wear the crop top with jeans or leggings. Even the shorts are super versatile and can be worn with any solid coloured t-shirt or throw on a jacket for a more dressy/evening look.

For a sunny day out, this look is perfect or even if you’re out for a Sunday Brunch and want to sport something a little different from just brunch dresses. I even donned John Lennon glasses in bright blue which I’d picked up in Vegas awhile ago. Really hadn’t got an outfit it went better with as the contrast colours really played out well.

This look is definitely something I’ll be sporting a whole lot this summer! And you should too!

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Have a sparkling day ahead and don’t forget to keep your summer style in check! 😉

Love always xx



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