Red Carpet Affair

When I was a child, I’d stay glued to the television during the Oscars or any other red carpet event. Just the glamour and the fascination with all the dazzling gowns and outfits people wore was enough to get me hooked. And I told myself that one day I would wear one of those designer gowns and walk the red carpet.

Red carpet events like the Oscars, Emmys and the MET Gala are always covered with media frenzy. And sometimes more than the award winners the dresses are the focus and highlight. You read about them everywhere under “Best dressed at the Oscars” or “10 Most Shocking Red Carpet Outfits You’ve Ever Seen”. That’s why when you’re attending a red carpet event, what and who (the designer) you wear is of utmost importance.

A month ago, a part of my dream came true in a way I didn’t expect. I attended a red carpet event and I wore one of my own creations for the first time to a major event. Don’t be fooled by the pictures, I was super nervous cause any criticism I would get for the gown would be a direct criticism to my skills as a designer. Something that I’m taking baby steps to venturing into.

The golden gown is one of my first designs in the luxury segment. It’s a one-shoulder full length maxi gown which is sleek and tapered at the end. It also has a single thigh high slit in the side which I personally love about it.


The gown is completely sequinned with gold sequins on a black lace material. And is perfect for red carpet events or even theme parties like burlesque or oscars. I would also recommend wearing it to cocktail events at weddings and shine like the star you are.

So get ready to glimmer and dazzle like the glitterati you are!

Love always xx


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