Three styles you can sport this Summer!

We can now safely say that summer has arrived and its time to pull all of our summer clothes and flaunt them about town! I don’t know about you but this heat is just getting out of hand! I think right now fashion is all about comfort and just being able to breathe. Here are the three outfits I donned over the past week or two which will probably set the tone for the rest of what I wear this summer.

  1. Shorts and Florals

 Nothing screams summer louder than a pair of shorts. And if I was allowed to, I’d wear them to work as well! With the temperatures soaring like never before you need to keep comfort as your highest priority. All kinds of shorts are easy to style, I prefer denim shorts over anything else (mostly because I dirty all my white ones) as you can pair it with anything. To a recent music festival that I attended, I wore a floral loose top with denim shorts and to add a finishing touch to my outfit I wore a white full length lace shrug. (It helps prevent tanning as well)

As always I had my sunglasses handy, I’m seen wearing green mirrored Rayban Aviators which are so casual and can make any outfit seem styled up. I also very rarely carry off-shoulder bags but with this heat and just being functional, they are super amazing to roam the streets with.

2.  Maxi Slit Tops

 I usually wear a lot of maxi tops if you’ve seen some of my other posts. But until recently, I never owned a maxi top which swept down until my feet. And now it’s one of my staples (Thank you, Krithika!) These maxis can be super deceiving as at a first glance you might mistake them as a dress! That just makes me love them even more. You can pair them with shorts, high-waist jeans and even leggings and still carry them off with grace. I think I’ve worn them for brunches, shopping trips and even just to grab coffee and they fit seamlessly into any and every occasion.

This is when I wore this maroon maxi to brunch and wore the most comfortable pair of snakeskin loafers with them. Even if I paired them with heels, I would definitely wear this out at night as well.

3. Athleisure again!


If you follow my instagram (@pearsonshefali) you’ll see that I am obsessed with my Stansmiths. Who wouldn’t be?! They are probably one of the best investments you can make in footwear. (They require a lot of maintenance though) I’ve always been a fan of Athleisure and summer is no exception. It’s time to grab those snapbacks/caps/hats and wear them proud. Usually statement snapbacks are the coolest. (I do definitely love NYC)

I very rarely wear snapbacks in India cause I thought it was too boyish, but surprisingly; this is one of my looks which I got complimented on the most! So don’t ever be shy to experiment. Fashion is all about experimenting and finding your own style. I’d also suggest wearing all your loose sports t-shirts and tons of white to stay cool and breezy this summer!

So grab those water bottles (hydration is important!) and cause a heatwave!

Much love! xx


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