Utilitarian? Yes!

Enter the Resort 2017 collection and behold the utilitarian trend. Designers all over made it a point to give everyday pieces a military-and work-wear-inspired vibe. Seen above is Bangalore’s very own Fashionista and Miss Earth 2010, Nicole Faria who dons a military look and rocks it as chic.

This trend is probably the easiest to adapt to and carry off without grabbing too many eyeballs(unless you want to) and blend in. You can wear this to work and to drinks after. It’s comfort level is sky high and heck we need more of that!


Pictured above is Hollywood diva, Emma Watson who wears the bomber jacket and eases into the utilitarian trend with ease. Another highlight of this trend is the “siren suit” which was designed to be put on and taken off easily for air-raids but is now one of the most fashionable pieces you can own. Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012 (pictured below) looks ravishing and can run the town red with this piece.


Another important trick to ace Utilitarian dressing is to accessorize with delicate more chic pieces like a silver necklace or a dainty watch. This will help balance the overpowering strong ensemble.

Time to get those bomber jackets out, ladies. xx


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